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Auto & Car Repair in Saginaw, MI

Auto Repair in Saginaw, MI | Dex-Tech Auto Service Center

At Dex-Tech Auto Service Center, we offer a range of services to ensure your vehicle is running at optimal level. These services include everything from brake adjustments to tire rotations to engine replacements. With every job we do, our team works hard to ensure every auto repair is completed efficiently, and done right the first time.

With the use of high-tech diagnostic equipment, our technicians are able to make sure your vehicle is repaired and serviced correctly the first time. We use only quality replacement parts and components to ensure your vehicle repairs last for years.

Services we offer include, but are not limited to:

  • Car Care Services: General maintenance of your car is vital to a long lasting vehicle. At Dex Tech Auto, we offer fuel injections, ignition issues, ignition wires and cables, oil, lube, and spark plug services at affordable prices.
  • Brakes: If your car has bad brakes, this is an immediate concern that should be fixed. If your car is in need of new brakes, we provide brake pad replacement, braking system repairs, spongy brakes, ABS lights, and brake shoes.
  • General Services: Dex Tech Auto makes it convenient for you to take car of your vehicle. We offer domestic general auto repairs, fleet repairs, and off-road vehicle repairs to keep your car in excellent condition at all times.
  • Undercar Services: Making sure that components under your car are working properly ensures your car lasts and keeps you safe when driving. At Dex Tech Auto, we offer alignment, anti-lock brakes, exhaust, shocks and struts, and driveline repair.
  • Heating & Cooling Services: Our experienced technicians can help you with any heating and cooling service you need. Our services in heating and cooling include air conditioning repair, heater fans, heater cores, and A/C compressors.
  • Electrical Services: The electronic components of your car are critical to have your engine run the way it should. We provide engine controls, diagnostics, and computer services to keep your car running smoothly and efficiently.
  • Radiator Services: It is important to have your radiator regularly inspected. Our services include radiator repair, radiator replacement, water pumps, and hoses.
  • Exhaust Services: To ensure that your car is safe, is important to check and repair your muffler and exhaust system when needed. Our exhaust services include mufflers and catalytic converters to decrease the amount of pollutants leaking into your car.
  • Heavy-Duty Services: A check engine light is something that should immediately be checked to resolve any problem with your engine. To ensure your car is safe to drive and your engine stays in great condition, we offer engine replacement and maintenance, and front-end repair.
  • Miscellaneous Services: At Dex Tech Auto, we want to give the customer the best service possible. This is why we provide pre-purchase inspections, after hour drop offs, major brand tires, and extended warranties.

Customer Service

We don't limit customer service to a single department at our auto repair shop, because every employee you meet at Dex-Tech Auto Service Center is dedicated to your complete satisfaction. No need to take our word for it, word of mouth is our best advertisement!

Since day one, Dex-Tech Auto Service Center has remained intensely focused on restoring your vehicle and getting you back on the road. This has resulted in a fine-tuned service center that both maximizes the quality and streamlines the repair of every vehicle.

A proud member of the Saginaw, MI community, we happily work with students enrolled at our neighboring colleges, Saginaw Valley State University (SVSU) and Delta College. For more information about any of our services or to make an appointment for your vehicle, call 989-793-8800 today!

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