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Dex-Tech Auto Service Center is a full-service auto repair shop proudly serving customers of Saginaw, MI and surrounding communities. We also welcome students of Saginaw Valley State University (SVSU) and Delta College. Our team is committed to quality work at an affordable price. We aim to extend the life of your vehicle and leave you with a safer, more comfortable ride.

Below you will find frequently asked questions from owners of new & leased cars about auto repair and auto repair services. Should you have any other questions, give our auto shop a call at 989-793-8800!

Do I need to use the manufacturer's original equipment parts in order to keep my warranty valid?

No. Legally an automaker cannot tell someone what parts should be used. Though we recommend using quality parts, for example parts from CARQUEST Auto Parts, to replace your vehicle's brakes, exhaust, fan belts and more.

What do I need to do in order to keep my vehicle's warranty in effect?

To keep your vehicle's warranty in effect, you need to make sure your car is properly serviced as specified in your owner's manual or warranty booklet. You also need to keep clear records of your vehicle's maintenance. These records should indicate the date of maintenance, parts that were installed, a vehicle identification number and mileage. If there is a service log in your owners manual, this is the perfect spot to keep your records.

I have a leased vehicle, does that mean I am responsible for maintenance?

Yes! You are still responsible for all needed maintenance and repairs even if your vehicle is leased.

How do I know what parts need to be replaced and when?

Please review your owner's manual. Your manual will give you all of the information you need about when your vehicle should be serviced. It is important to understand your manual and keep up with service, in order to protect your warranty.

What happens if my car needs repairs that are not regularly scheduled under the manual? Such as, brake jobs and other repairs?

Where you take your car for these repairs is up to you! Though you will want to take your vehicle to the dealer for any repairs that are under warranty. To see what repairs are specifically covered, check your warranty.

How do the quality of aftermarket parts compare to original equipment parts?

Some of the aftermarket parts are created by the same supplier and could be warranted longer than original equipment parts. Aftermarket parts from CARQUEST meet and sometimes even exceed manufacturers' specifications.

What are my rights when I have a warranty-related problem with a dealership?

Should you have any problems, contact the customer service department of your car manufacturer and ask for help. They will have someone on hand to help you with all of your concerns.

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